Golden Sun: The Lost Age [0EXP Run] - Boss Battle #4 - Aqua Hydra


Golden Sun: The Lost Age Boss Battle #4 Aqua Hydra Game Overs: 5-10 [0 EXP Run] The point of this challenge is to beat the game while gaining no EXP. Similar to that of a Low Level challenge, except a Gameshark is used to make all battles result in 0 EXP gains. I don't believe later stages would be too difficult, if I use Isaac's group, but I expect the early stages of the game to be somewhat challenging. No transferring of previous Golden Sun data, so Isaac and Co. will arrive at their default levels, (which is 28 I believe). Felix, Jenna and Sheeba will stay level 5, while Piers will come in at 18 (I believe). This is on Hard Mode, so bosses have increased HP and stats. Save states are not used during the boss fight (if you to take my word anyway). ============================== Strategy? Piers is an important asset from the moment you get him. Shade is invaluable, and Piers' joining at level 18 helps immensely. Shade plays a key role in this battle (and probably all future battles). Pre-Battle Preparations: - Make sure you have the latest equipment for all characters - Follow this Djinni setup, it worked for me: Jenna: 4 Mars (Unset all) Felix: 4 Venus & Shade (Set All) Piers: 4 Jupiter (Set All) Sheba: 4 Mercury (Unset all) Battle Strategy: 1st Turn: Jenna - Summon Meteor Felix - Cast Shade Piers - Cast Boreas Sheba - Defend/Attack/anything 2nd Turn: Jenna - Defend Felix - Set Shade Piers - Cast Wish (No healing needed? Do anything) Sheba - Defend 3rd ...


Sania, Juhi, Chitrangada set the IIJW ramp ablaze on opening day

urThe India International Jewelerry Week 2015 kick-started in Mumbai where celebrities Sania Mirza, Juhi Chawla and Chitrangada Singh walked the ramp as showstoppers for different jewellery brands on the first day. The IIJW this year was inaugurated by Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor on Monday