Vishnu Prasad is a nerd who is unappericiated, his mother nags him and his father ignores him. He is in love with his neighbor Mohini, but she already has a boyfriend. Vishnu is going to pay a bill when he sees Mohini in a cafe. Once they meet in a cafe, Mohinis boyfriend hits Vishnu for winking at Mohini. Vishnu starts crying and goes to a beach where he finds a statue. There, he angrily tells the statue to make him invisible. When he reaches home, he discovers his wish came true.

antra mali

Antara Mali sends legal notice to Mink Brar

Some time back it had been reported that Jagdish Mali, who is the father of actress Antara Mali and a photo-journalist himself, was seen on the roads of Mumbai in a little unsettled and disoriented condition. This news came as a shock to many from the industry.However, in all this Mink Brar s

Salman lashes out at Jagdish Mali’s daughter Antara

Ace photographer Jagdish Mali was seen in a distraught condition wondering on the streets of Mumbai and was rescued by model and actress Mink Brar. Mink after spotting Jagdish Mali in a semi-nude condition gave a ring to Salman Khan who sent a car and his men to rescue him from the street and esc

Antara Mali finally breaks her silence about her father

Noted Bollywood photographer and father of Bollywood actress Antara Mali, Jagdish Mali was found in a very pathetic condition on the streets of Mumbai. He was spotted and recognized by model and actress Mink Brar and she rescued Jagdish with the help of Salman Khan’s four men. Mink escorted him t