Fire Destroys Mumbai Slum


A fire that broke out in a Mumbai slum injured has 15 people, but fortunately there are no casualties. Thousands have been left homeless after the blaze tore through the slum. Some of India's poorest lose everything in a fire that ripped through this Mumbai slum. Thousands of locals joined fire fighters to douse the blaze. The fire tore through the slum, destroying belongings and gutting homes. It broke out in the early hours of Thursday morning. Emergency crews battled to stop the fire spreading to nearby Bandra train station. Services on the Western railway were largely unaffected. A local politician estimates about 200 shanties were gutted in the fire. [Baba Siddique, Legislator]: "Thousands of people live in these slums but by the grace of god there has been no casualties. Residents and fire fighters did their best to put out the fire." At least 15 residents and one fireman were injured. Police are investigating the cause - some locals believe it could be down to faulty electrics.

Baba Siddique

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