Entity Paradigm (EP) _ Hamesha (Always) - Pakistani Band


Band: Entity Paradigm (EP) Song: Hamesha (Always) Language: Urdu Country: Pakistan Lineup: ~Current~ Fawad Afzal Khan - vocals, backing vocals (2000-2007, 2009-present) Ahmed Ali Butt - vocals, backing vocals, keyboards (2000-2007, 2009-present) Salman Albert - lead guitar, drums, backing vocals (2000-2007, 2009-present) Waqar Ahmed Khan - drums (2000-2007, 2009-present) Hassaan Khalid - rhythm guitar, bass guitars (2000-2007, 2009-present) ~Former~ Abid Khan - bass guitars (2000) Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan - lead guitars, vocals (2000-2007) Sajjad Ali Khan - bass guitars (2000-2007) About Entity Paradigm (EP): Entity Paradigm (also known colloquially as [EP]) is a rock music band from Lahore, Pakistan, formed by Fawad Afzal Khan (vocals) and Ahmed Ali Butt (keyboards). Entity Paradigm is one of the pioneer mainstream rock bands in the Pakistani music industry, and its music. Musically, Entity Paradigm are heavily influenced by Tool, and Linkin Park, amongst other Western music rock artists. The band disbanded in 2007 and on March 12, 2009 Entity Paradigm announced their official comeback with Fawad Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt in leading positions. However, two of the main members of the band, Zulfiqar J. Khan and Sajjad A. Khan, decided not to make a comeback due to work on different projects.

Ahmed Khan

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