SUBSCRIBE TO WIN FREE MAKEUP! www.youtube.com Makeup is expensive. There is no way round it. With that being said makeup is also something that can last a very long time. Most blushes and eyeshadows last months and months and months ... so even when buying high end makeup you're still normally getting your moneys worth when you think about how long a product lasts. However you don't have to buy expensive in order to get great makeup. Lots of makeup in the low-mid price range is just as good, if not better, at times than high end goods. Remember there is good and bad products in every price range. One of the good things about department store makeup is that you are able to "test" and sometimes in drug stores testing foundations etc... is impossible. Also i've found that more foundations in drug stores have a more "pink" undertone than department store products. Thats great if you have cool undertones but not so great if you are warm (yellow). Banana Powder by Ben Nye is an amazing "drug store" makeup. Is not sold in drug stores but the price is what you would expect to find. Its used on Kim Kardashian for that "amazing glow" she has when setting the makeup under the eyes. Did you also know that loose powder can be used wet? True. I use a mixture of mainly high-mid end range makeup. I'm not the most skilled at drug store foundations because i don't actually use them - but makeupalley (google it) has millions of reviews and is one of the most valuable places to try before ...

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian set to make Bollywood debut

Hollywood reality star Kim Kardashian, who is pregnant with her second child was approached by Faisal Saif for his upcoming erotic thriller ‘For Adults Only’. Faisal describes the venture as the “boldest and dirtiest” Indian film. “Yes, we have approached Kim Kardashian and we know

Kim Kardashian’s trip to India cancelled, Kim K highly upset

American reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s was highly expected by her fans in India but at the last minute her maiden trip to India got cancelled due to visa issue. Kim Kardashian was to pay a visit to India to launch her latest fragrance in Mumbai and was supposed to grace the popular Indian real