Dolly Bindra meets Katrina Kaif in a SPA


When Dolly Bindra met Katrina Kaif in a SPA, we at desimad have noticed an amazing guy who was seen body guarding Kat. Check out the white shirt guy and enjoy. We wonder if Sallu's employed him. hmmmm

rakhi sawant

Rakhi Sawant asks Sunny Leone to get lost from India

Rakhi Sawant is yet again in the news and this time she hogged the limelight for Sunny Leone. It was not too late when Rakhi asked reporter not to compare her with Sunny Leone and again she targeted the Indo-Canadian porn star turned Bollywood actress during the shooting for a music video.

Rakhi Sawant insults Sunny Leone publicly, calls her porn star

It takes just one statement from Rakhi Sawant to create loads of excitement in the film industry. Thanks to her outspoken nature and bindass attitude, the gives us the most entertaining gossip to talk about! Yes, it has happened yet again and she had made very controversial stateme