Based on Sadat Hassan Manto's short story "Thanda Gosht"-actors...Ravindra Sahu,deepika Sharma,Ratan Rajput,Vineet Verma...music _Vikas Tiwari,Edit-Arunabha Mukherjee,camera-Subhransu Das,Producers-Akhilesh V.Butalia,Script and Direction -Ajay Rohilla, it was nominated for the best short film in singapoor international film festival...

Ratan Rajput

TV actress Ratan Rajput molested on the set

TV actress Ratan Rajput was allegedly molested on the set of her TV show, 'Santoshi Maa'.  She refused to shoot until the production house took action against the culprit.

Bigg Boss 7: Ratan Rajput soaked in cow dung tab

Bigg Boss 7 is slowly spicing up with all sorts of drama. Fights and romance are a constant factor in Bigg Boss but here we will talk about a bravery act which Ratan Rajput has showed in this season. She soaked herself in cow dung bath tab much to the surprise of her fellow contestants for almost

Bigg Boss 7: Pratyusha picks up fight with Ratan

Bigg Boss 7 is spicing up with ugly fights between the contestants. Pratyusha Banerjee again picked up fights and this time with Ratan Rajput. The duo involved in a cat-fight after Ratan passed comment on Pratyusha’s personal life. She passed remarks on her series of unsuccessful affairs. Pratyus