Cricket WC 2011 Semi final was fixed, claims Sunday Times sting op


It has become a pathetic scene and somehow Pakistan cricket team keeps getting involved in such stories. However, this time it could be the fact that Sunday Times has done an exercise just for cheap publicity. Who knows -- Nupur Mehta could be part of the cheap publicity as well in which both will settle or not even see a genuine law suit coming from all this. Make up your own mind. Let's follow this after 6 months and see what really happens.

Nupur Mehta

Sneak peek at Bigg Boss 6 contestants

After the year 2000 the show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” opened new doors for new kind of shows, namely-reality shows. There were not only reality game shows that started being aired on television but there were also reality shows based on ‘unscripted’ drama. The show that tops the list is “Bigg Boss

Struggling actresses opt for skin show to grab attention

Fame and money is desired by all. Especially those people who aspire to become an actor. But when the dream is far from getting fulfilled they resort to various activities that could bring them to the glare of publicity expecting to get noticed by some influential person of Bollywood who could la

Forever keen on making news

For keeping yourself hot and boiling, nothing is more appropriate than making headlines. There are some Bollywood personas ever so keen to hove the focus of limelight under theirs gripping belt. With the failure of other options to fame and glory, they don’t mind resorting to the most awfu