Chintu Chinky Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story - Episode 13 - 7th September 2011


All the family members decide to go to Mannali to meet Chintu's future wife. Chintu again follows Chinky as he wants to solve some issues. Area goons bashes Chintu and Kishen assuming someone else. Chinky gets stunned to see Chintu and Kishen in unique condition. Chintu discloses Chinky that he is no more interested in falling in love with her. Family members get stunned to see Chintu and Kishen. Chinky gets to know that Chintu is not a professor but a student. Will Chintu ever fall in love with Chinky? The series is an old world romance set in the present time in a small city -- Bhopal. Chintu is an innocent slightly overweight boy who is destined to get married at 23 like everyone in his large joint family which has thirteen members to be precise including him. The number is inherently not lucky and therefore they have already started to look for a match for him and he is to be married off just after passing out. In such a large family important decisions in life are taken by everyone else except for the concerned party. So Chintu is not exactly looking for a romance and has already accepted the fact that he will be getting married soon until he literally bangs into Chinki and falls head over heels in love with her.Chinki comes from a small nuclear family. Her grandmother and their old loyal servant are the two other members apart from their family planning style family of four, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister. She is therefore more used to taking her own decisions ...

abhishek awasthi

Rakshi Sawant’s ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi to get married

Rakhi Sawant’s former boyfriend and TV actor Abhishek Awasthi will soon tie the knot. He has found love in Ankita Goswami two years back and now the duo is thinking to take their relationship to the next level. Speaking about Ankita, Abhishek said, "She cooks amazingly well. I can apologi

Rakhi Sawant spilts up with Abhishek

Item girl Rakhi Sawant is outrageous, bold and outspoken. Whether it is professional or personal secrets, she never keeps things under wrap and with least botheration declares to the world about what she is going