boyce avenue - hear me now ( the manzano power )


this is my first collaborated video of BOYCE AVENUE.thanks to my twitter buddy Meera for making this possible,we collaborate our ideas to this so called MATERPIECE (MP for us),through her compilation of BAs photos and my stalking skills on video searching and not so high technology on editing to make this video for our BA FAMILY (globally) A Vid made by ME and Meera to the 3 guys who changed our lives to the better (Alejandro/Fabian/Daniel]) and how its amazing that we got to meet all the awesome BA Fam members this video is dedicated to our awesome BA FAMILY and to our very talented,good brothers on earth BOYCE AVENUE..hope you all like it no copyright infringement intended,for entertainment purposes only all video clips and photos included in this video belong to their respective owners SONG: HEAR ME NOW original song of BOYCE AVENUE from the album ALL WE HAVE LEFT DAYLIGHT from the album ALL WE HAVE LEFT pls.check all these good stuff.. BOYCE AVENUE Facebook Twitter YouTube (Music Channel) (Vlog Channel) Official Site thanks MJ for the 3 collage pictures i borrowed from you,collage of ALEJANDRO,FABIAN & DANIEL..great job there LIL BRO thank you very much MEERA for collaborating with me,its a pleasure working with you my dear evilBFF youre the best evil & witch BFF on earth :p


Meera’s house ‘sealed’ in Pakistan!

Pakistani actress Meera who hit infamy in India, starting with controversies surrounding her debut film Nazar, is in trouble once again, this time in her home country. Income tax officials in Pakistan, are learnt to have sealed the house of the renowned actress, located in a posh resident