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Bombay Theme The track "Bombay Theme" is an instrumental orchestral piece composed and arranged by AR Rahman. The track became an internationally sensational work and has featured in several compilations. It was also sampled by many major artists. Major compilation albums on which it was appeared include Chakra Seven Centers (1995; in which it was credited as "Ajna Chakra"), Anokha - Soundz of the Asian Underground (1997), Caf del Mar Vol 5 (1998), Ambient Chillout Mix Vol. 1 (2002) and Paradisiac 2 . The track is alternatively credited as "Bombay Theme Tune," "Mumbai Theme Tune" or "Bombay Theme Music" in compilations. It was featured in the Palestinian film Divine Intervention in 2002, and in the Nicolas Cage film Lord of War, in 2005. Rahman reused the track as "Bombay Theme Intro" in the score of the 1996 film, Fire, by Deepa Mehta. It also appeared on a French TV commercial for Volvic starring Zinedine Zidane in 2000. The theme was also sampled by the German band Lwenherz for their song "Bis in die Ewigkeit".[5]

Deepa Sahi

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