Bollywood's Hello! to hi-fashion


There's nothing quite like an awards ceremony to get Bollywood out in its fanciest outfits, but in some cases the outfits were a little too fancy at the Hello Hall of fame awards. From Deepika to Shraddha to Abhay Deol, the stars were elegance personified sans Sonam Kapoor who ended up feeling like a fool.

abhay deol

I enjoy, I crave and pursue sex, Abhay Deol

Bollywood actor Abhay Deol is an actor of different categories. He acts in both commercial and off-beat films. He refsed to become star as being an actor is meant a lot for him than a star. He denies endorsing fairness cream and he has a total different set of mind, away from the track. He speaks

Abhay Deol in financial crisis, mortgages his Juhu flat

After the disaster of ‘One By Two’, Abhay Deol became a bankrupt. He has taken loan from bank to make the film which costs to around 8 crore but as the film badly doomed at the box-office and failed to recover even the production money, Abhay Deol had to face a financial crisis. He has avail