Bigg Boss 5 - Shraddha and Sky Fighting - 29 November


Bigg Boss 5 - Shraddha and Sky Fighting - 29 November

Sunny Leone

‘Motte or not, you still look hot!’ Sunny Leone tells Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan who has put on weight to fit in his role of a wrestler in an upcoming film, recently did a commercial for an online shopping site of which he is a brand ambassador. While the shopping portal was able to cash in on an overweight Aamir, the commercial had

Sunny Leone to take legal action against a filmmaker

Former porn star-turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has decided to sue a filmmaker who is apparently planning to make a film based on her life. While it is not unusual for directors to make films on popular personalities and well known celebrities, it is essential that one acquires necessary pe

Watch: Sunny Leone’s fitness video ‘Super Hot Sunny Mornings’

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has released a fitness DVD ‘Super Hot Sunny Mornings’ that features the actress doing basic work-out sessions without any gym equipment. The video contains a peppy track ‘Sunny Sunny – The workout Song’ by Darshan Raval and Rimi Nique. Speaking at the launch o