LYRICS BELOW emran haashimi udita goswami shamita shetty ZEHER Wo Lamhe, Wo Baatein, Those Moments, Those Talks Koi Na Jaane, No One Knows Thi Kaisi Raatein, How Were Those Nights Hooo, Barsaatein, Those Rain Showers Wo Bheegi Bheegi Yaadein, Those Damp Memories Wo Bheegi Bheegi Yaadein... Those Damp Memories Na Main Jaanoun, Na Tu Jaane, Neither I Know, Nor Do You Know Kaisa Hai Ye Mausam, How Is This Weather Koi Na Jaane, No One Knows Kahi Se Hai Fizaa Aayi, From Where Has This Breeze Come Ghamon Ki Dhoop Sang Laayi, She Has Brought Sunshine Of Sorrow With Her Khafaa Hogaye Hum, I Have Become Angry Judaa Hogaye Hum, We Have Become Separated Saagar Ki, Gehraayi Se,Gehra Hai, Apna Pyaar, Our Love Is Deeper Than The Depths Of The Ocean Sehraoun Ki, In Hawaon Me, Kaise Aayeee-gi Bahaar, How Is The Spring Going To Come In The Winds Of Trembling Fear Kahan Se Ye Hawa Aayi, From Where Has This Wind Come Ghataayen Kaali Kyoun Chhaayi, Why Have The Black Clouds Over Shadowed The Sky

udita goswami

Mohit, Udita heading for honeymoon

Director Mohit Suri and his wife Udita Goswami finally packed their bags for the much awaited honeymoon. The couple will be leaving for Thailand honeymoon this weekend.

Bollywood Top Ten Weddings – 2013

Bollywood saw a spate of weddings in the year 2013. Celebrity wedding nobility, glitz, glamour and extravagance, name it! 2013 Bollywood weddings had it all. As we prepare to bid adieu to this year and move on to see what the next year has in store, let us take a look at the past nuptials this ye

Birthday Special: Emraan Hashmi and his hot lip-locks

Emraan Hashmi turns 34 today. And as usual, he is planning to have a low key celebration. Born on 24th March 1979 to Anwar Hashmi and Maherrah Hashmi, he made his Bollywood debut with ‘Footpath’ in the year 2003. Most of his hits have been from Vishesh Productions, which belongs t