Baazigar's Final Fight with Rob Dougan's Clubbed To Death #1, #2 and the Hybrid Remix (JH Edit)


This video is extremely special to me, mainly because Baazigar was one of the first Hindi films I've seen as a child; also, because it is considered to be one of Shahrukh Khan's greatest movies. Another interesting fact, is that throughout most of the climax there originally is no background music, so I didn't really need to 'replace/re-edit' any of the background score from before as I usually do in my videos. Also, around 80% of the music in this video is in fact different versions of Rob Dougan's excellent song 'Clubbed To Death' : Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation), Clubbed to Death 2 and Clubbed to Death Hybrid Remix (JH Edit) While 'Furious Angels' is used in Matrix Reloaded, see here - but to my knowledge Clubbed to Death has never been used as part of the actual background score in any movie; although it did feature in the soundtrack to the first Matrix film. Making this video took a lot of time, energy and technical awareness ie video effects used and sound mixing - everything said and done this video took around 20 hours to complete, and besides the Flashpoint fight scene was also the hardest to make; yet I am proud of the end result! All three different versions of Clubbed To Death used here have a brooding and angry feel that goes really with the intense perfomance of Shahrukh Khan and the raw, realistic action (For a Bollywood film) in this ending scene for Baazigar. So do enjoy this video. And yes, the subtitles are finally done! Here ...

Abbas Mustan

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