Apna 990 Live in Concert Explosioin 2009


Featuring: *Sensational Live Band Bombay Magic* *Bobby Darling*Kaka Tomasi*Apna 990 Presenters* Venue: Logan Campbell Centre, Green Lane Date: Saturday 21st November, 2009 Time: 8.00pm For Tickets Ph: 836 2762 or email: [email protected]

bobby darling

Veena Malik, Bobby Darling lock-lips

Sizzling Veena Malik and Bobby Darling lock-lips on the occasion of Veena Malik’s birthday. Bobby planted a kiss on Veena’s lips to wish her happy birthday. Bobby and Veena Malik stars in ‘Daal Mein Kucch Kaala Hai’ co-star and hence they develop a great comfort level.

'I last dated cricketer Munaf Patel', Bobby Darling

Designer Bobby Darling who grabs the attention everywhere because of her neutral gender has recently hit the headlines for attending a gay party. She denied being a gay and claimed to be a girl. She lashes out the report of attending a gay party and said that it was a normal party and that she i