Anil wrangling a Banded Sea Krait at Richealeau Rock - Andaman Sea


My Dive Buddy Anil Thadani wrangling a Blue-Lipped Sea Krait that hitched a ride in our dive gear back to his Pershing 92. It's lethal venom packs a punch ten times more toxic than a rattlesnake's. Anil caught it before it nested in amongst our gear and we took it back to the top of Richealeau rock. Terrific fun - but a bit crazy too.

anil thadani

Second Marriage of Celebrities

There is a proverb that says marriage happens only once in a life time. But this does not stand true in today’s life where people often do not find their share of happiness in their first marriage. This leads them to their second marriage. Let us here take a glimpse of the blessed and succ