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VJ Andy replaces Mantra in ‘India’s Got Talent’

It is often said that the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is a huge platform for the celebrities to get noticed by industry. We have seen numerous examples of contestants of ‘Bigg Boss’ who got noticed on the show and were offered roles in either small screen or silver screen. The latest to the list is

VJ Andy eliminated from 'Bigg Boss 7'

Only three days more remaining for the grand finale of the reality show, ‘Bigg Boss 7’ and 33-year-old VJ Andy had to bid good bye to the show. To get eliminated at this final stage is a huge loss and disappointing but VJ had to leave the show. He was evicted in mid-week elimination. He was nomin

Bigg Boss 7: VJ Andy faints

Bigg Boss 7 really challenged the inmates of the house by giving them the luxury budget task, which led to Andy losing consciousness. So, how did it happen? And is it really what it looks like? Bigg Boss had given the luxury budget task to three inmates, Andy, Sangram and Kamya wherein the

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