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100 yrs of Indian Cinema: A tribute to Kapoor Khandan

As the world gears up to pay tribute to 100 years of Indian cinema, we cannot deny the contribution of this single family in the rise of Bollywood. The kapoors have remained the uncrowned kings of the silver screen of India and four generations have contributed towards the development of the indu

Celebs passed away in 2011

All humans who are born have to die. This cycle of life and death is eternal and cannot be broken. The year 2011 brought the sorrowful news of many great souls who passed away. These great people will always remain in the minds and hearts of people for their honourable works 1. Sh

When Ranbir Kapoor cried like a baby

Ranbir Kapoor was not so close with his granduncle Shammi Kapoor before he worked with him in ‘Rockstar’. He bonded with him on the set of ‘Rockstar’ and deeply shattered with his departure. He totally broke down with the demise of his granduncle and cried like a small ch

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