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The ugly history of the Big boss housemates and hosts

We are amused and entertained by the behavior of the house mates and the hosts in the show big boss, which is said to be the boss of all reality shows. We are also often surprised by the tantrums these little or well known celebrities throw up on the television screen. But a few of us actually k

Rahul Mahajan will not marry Monica Bedi

Bigg Boss housemate Rahul Mahajan willingly went out of the Bigg Boss house after taking the responsibility of breaking the rules of running out of the house with other mates. During his stay in the Bigg Boss hou

Monica ignores Salem’s comments

Monica Bedi’s closeness to housemate Rahul Mahajan and her declaration that she is unmarried irked gangster Abu Salem and he had also sent legal notice to her twice during her stay at Big Boss house. Though

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