Zayed Khan beats two youngsters in a club

Film industry has almost bid good bye to Zayed Khan. He is on the verge of vanishing from the mind of the people. Devoid of any work, it is obvious that one would get indulge into bad activity. Similarly is the case of actor Zayed Khan. Other than socializing, the actor has nothing to do these days. Failure has kissed Zayed’s hand and the actor almost lost the ability to judge anything good and bad. Recently, Zayed caught up in a tussle with two youngsters in a night club.

The incident took place during the reopening event of a nightclub ‘Poison’ in Mumbai. Zayed along with Farah Khan Ali, Fardeen Khan and Hrithik Roshan were present to inaugurate the newly opened club. He involved into strong argument with two youngsters and beat them immensely. To Zayed, they had misbehaved with his cousin Natasha, wife of Fardeen Khan. 

According to an eyewitness, "Zayed was drunk and suddenly started arguing with two youngsters in their late 20s - Sahan and Yasir, and pushed them for no reason, and then they were beaten up very badly. After the fisticuffs, Yasir, reportedly, started bleeding profusely and had to get several stitches."

It would be better if Zayed leave all those hitting activity and provide some box-office hits.