Will the president grace Saif and Kareena’s wedding?

It seems, with each passing day the wedding of Saif and Kareena is getting more media attention. Each and every day the fans of the stars are served a new tid bit on the wedding. Earlier, this year the consecutive delaying of the marriage event gave rise to many speculations. Even rumors was rife that Bebo and Chote Nawab are ready to end their relation but are not ready to declare publically, hence the delay in tying the nuptial knot. Though the rumors were spicy and put the imaginations of the fans on fire, it was obviously not exactly sweet for the couple, very much in love.

Even in a press meet Kareena was asked by the eager reporters about her marriage and a visibly bored Bebo retorted "It's a Rajya Sabha debate. Everything I do, becomes a national issue, I could well be married you know. How would that make a difference? I could have been married three years ago and still done a Heroine. But yes you will know when I do." Well the unsuspecting Heroine didn’t know that fate was having a good laugh at her words and noting them down somewhere for future reference.

Indeed the Rajya Sabha is going to be interested in her marriage as the recently elected President of India might visit her marriage. A leading national daily of the country reported that the mother of the groom, Sharmila Tagore visited the Rashtrapati Bhavan and had a brief chat with President, Pranab Mukherjee. She invited the president and his entire family to her son’s wedding during the brief meeting. Pranab Mukherjee conveyed his best wishes for the wedding. However, according to the sources, the President hasn’t been able to confirm his presence at the event as he has some other prior official commitments.

The royal marriage of the two Bollywood stars is supposed to be a private affair with only the family and the friends invited. The presence of the President will honor all. Though, we wonder whether it will look good for a president to be seen attending private and personal parties.

It will be interesting to be present and watch the event unfold at the Royal Pataudi Palace on October 16th. As the couple gets ready for the dream wedding we wish them happy matrimony and we hope all the controversies about the marriage event will be finally over after October 16th.