Will Poonam Pandey strip for Spain?

It appears that the fans and followers of the strip sensation Poonam Pandey need just an excuse to egg the siren on to take off her clothes.

If Poonam Pandey promised to strip for Indian cricket team after their world cup win last year, she is being pressed by her twitter fans to strip for Spain now that the FIFA World Cup winners are the champs of Europe for the second time in a row.

“But Tweethearts y u all asking me to Strip if Spain wins .... ok will try n give u a surprise soon,” Poonam Pandey wrote on Twitter in reply to the many requests to her to strip for Spain.

Poonam has been taking a keen interest in Euro 2012 ever since the start of the tournament. Her favourites to win the tournament were Spain and Germany. In fact, when some of her predictions about the match-winners came true, her fans began to liken her to Paul the Octopus.

Coming back to the question: Will she strip for Spain? Well, Poonam has promised a surprise, but the fans may be impatient.