Shahrukh Khan bumps into Salman Khan

Thick rivals of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan bumped into each other when the duo arrived at Mehbood Studios in Bandra for their respective works.

Salman Khan was already at the studio when Shahrukh arrived. Sallu was at stage no 5 since 2:30 pm doing a photo shoot for his NGO and Shahrukh Khan arrived at 4:45pm for the promo of his upcoming film awards that he is hosting at stage no 3. Both avoided to cross each other's path.

Says a source, “Shah Rukh was slated to arrive for the shoot at 3 pm, but reached the venue only around 5.45 pm. He was as usual accompanied by his security folk and his staff members. While the rest came out of their respective cars, SRK did not step out of his vehicle for almost 25 minutes. It did not take long for onlookers to realise what was holding King Khan back. It was the presence of Salman outside with his team.”

Adds the source, “Only when Salman had gone back inside to his shoot that Shah Rukh stepped out.”

Several guests visited Salman Sallu on the sets which included filmmakers Mahesh Manjrekar and Subhash Ghai and actor Vatsal Seth. Salman’s brother Sohail and sister Alvira were also at the Mehboob Studios.

The source added, “Whenever Salman would step out of his vanity van or from the shoot, SRK made sure that he was not in the vicinity. It appeared that the staff of the stars kept tabs on what the other was doing and kept passing information about the movements of the other.”

Salman and Shahrukh might have hugged at politician Baba Siddhique’s Iftar party last year but the equation between the two is not yet cordial.

Salim Khan once said in an interview that Salman and Shahrukh can never be friends forever. They are two different individuals and hold different views.