When Saif helped Deepika to make round rotis

Deepika Padukone felt embarrassed on the set of ‘Aarakshan’ when she failed to make perfectly round rotis. A scene required where Deepika had to make a round shape roti but the actress failed to bring out the perfect shape. When the actress was struggling with her rotis, her co-star Saif Ali Khan came to her rescue. He helped out Deepika in this tough kitchen recipe.

Unable to bring out the perfect shape, Deepika at a point asked director Prakash Jha to change the menu but the director was adamant that the actress should make rotis only.

‘I was so embarrassed, I can totally cook, but roti is a challenge. As with life, the most simplest of things some times get to be a hardest to master,’ said Deepika.

Deepika was totally blank with the sequence and she was surprised when she was given loose flour with which she has to make rotis. She kept the entire unit member waiting, camera on, lights on, director said ready and Saif beside her.  

On seeing Deepika’s helpless condition, Saif entered but he could not do much and finally Jha interfered and showed Deepika how to make perfectly-rounded rotis.

‘It was nothing major. Deepika was pretty comfortable in the kitchen. I just helped her a little bit,’ said Jha.

Saif said: ‘It was interestingly funny, reminded me of the scene in ‘Kaalia’ where Amitji helps Parveen Babiji to make an egg. Thank god, it wasn’t an egg for Deepika.’

Shot in Bhopal, ‘Aarakshan’ is a film about caste based reservations in government jobs and educational institutions in India.