When Karishma Kapur broke down

Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor moved into tears when one of her favorite jodi of Nach Baliye performed awfully. Shaleen & Daljeet was performing consistently well but their last episode performance came as a shock not only for Karishma but also for other two judges Farah Khan and Arjun Rampal. When Karishma’s turn came to comment on their performance, she was shattered and stopped speaking, unable to control her tears. To everyone’s surprise, she started crying.  

Our unit sources inform, "Very recently contestants, Shaleen & Daljeet planned to perform a dance on skates and since they were not attuned to the sport but managed to learn it in just four days. When they wore the skates the judges were really anticipating and were hoping to see rocking performance by the duo especially our judge Karishma Kapoor.

Karishma always appreciates good dancers and is really fond of the couple as they always try to do something innovative. But alas the couple was not in their best form this time and their performance was rated as an average performance. The judges were totally shocked and disappointed to see this kind of performance coming from the duo at this critical point."

On looking at Karishma's condition, Shaleen & Daljeet run to her and tried to calm her down. The shoot was kept on halt for 15-20 minutes and started when Karishma came into place.