When Imran and Sonakshi met

‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai’ was big hit in the box office. Milan Lutharia is now all set to direct the sequel of the movie. The director is very serious about the different aspects of the movie and to its varied details. He is very concerned about making the gangster movie as realistic as possible.

Imran Khan is playing the leading role in the movie and hence the centre of attention. Milan is also working extra hard to prepare Imran for the flick. We heard he have prescribed a few interesting tips to the actor.

Initially Imran was asked by the director to mingle and study the goons of Mumbai. This would help the actor understand and portray his role. We do not know how the actor managed to keep up the request or whom he met from the real world to get the lesson. Whatever it is, we sure hope that the results on the silver screen are good.

The next request from the director was easier to perform we guess. Lutharia has asked Imran to get familiar with the actress Sonakshi Sinha and to develop the chemistry. This is important as they are to enact the role of old friends on the screen. Incidentally, Imran and Sonakshi first met when the director introduced them in a meeting some time back.

In a recent development we hear that the two of them are trying their best to get acquainted with each other. Even a source informed that “Imran has planned to invite Sonakshi for dinner at his place.” It seems Imran is very concerned about his role and is ready to go all the way to make it a success.

The onlookers were surprised to see both of them chatting away merrily without a break when they met the first time after signing the film. They only stopped when someone interrupted to tell them that they are chatting for over an hour. According to the sources they were talking about the recent Europe trip of Imran.  Sonakshi was asking about the different places the actor has visited and the actor was only too happy to patiently describe the places of her interest. As the duo parted their ways for the day, they did seem like old friends.

We only hope more such roles come up in the Bollywood industry and making friends become a part of the job.