When Aamir Khan cried in public

Perfectionist Aamir Khan moved into tears remembering his struggling days in the film industry at an event in Mumbai. Aamir Khan is the brand ambassador of Godrej group and recently he was spotted at an event organized by Godrej company with his wife Kiran Rao.

He interacted with 500 Godrej employees and their family and children. He met with the employees to initialize the campaign-‘Ideas that makes life better’. He got emotional while remembering his old days in Bollywood. Aamir Khan is a very emotional person, he never hides his emotions due to camera capturing his moves or audience in front of him. He was caught shedding tears not only in movies but breaks down if he is moved by any social cause.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao pledged to donate their organs after they die. They feel that it is a very noble cause and said that he has been thinking it for a long time and only recently, he thought it seriously with Kiran Rao. After watching 'Ship of Theseus', they both discussed on the matter seriously.

The superstar said that after he passed away, he wants Kiran to dial a number to carry out the process. Kiran Rao also wants to donate her body parts but at the same time she added that it is a very sensitivity job and has to be carried out with utmost care.