We just love being with each other, Deepika

Beautiful Deepika Padukone graces the cover page of the famous magazine 'Jade'. She is only two films old and already posed for many well-known magazines. Endorsers find her the perfect face for their cover as she is gifted with all ingredients of beauty. Her beauty, style and attitude speak million words. There are many who dies over her personality but she has already chosen her man at the beginning of her career and absolutely has no repentant over her choice rather happy to find true love at such an early stage.

Deepika in red will definitely catch the eye of the readers where she will speak all about her upbringing, her roots, her favorite food, places etc... She also explains as to why and how Mumbai is different from her hometown Bangalore!

As she has spoken so much about other things, how can she maintain silence about the most important angle of her life. Yes, it's true about her love life. Speaking about the man whom she is deeply in love, Ranbir Kapoor, she said, "Finding the right person makes a lot of difference. We don't need anyone else, we just love being with each other!"