We are not kissing for the heck of it, Anushka

Girl-next-door of Rab ne bana di Jodi Anushka Sharma has gone in for an image makeover in Badmaash Company where she not only wears stylish clothes but also has a kissing scene. The model-turned-actress says the script demanded it.  
"I don't see it as a kissing scene. It's a part of the screenplay. I think cinema is changing and we are not doing (kissing) for the heck of it. We do not need to do this (kiss on screen) to attract attention," Anushka confirmed.   
"When you see the film, the kind of chemistry Bulbul (her character in the film) and Karan (Shahid) share, the kind of love that's there between them, you will be able to understand that the scene was justified," said Anushka. The 22-year-old claims the audiences will be able to relate to the characters in the film as all of them represent the middle-class dreams.  
"This film is about four friends, their relationships and the trials they go through to achieve their goals. All the characters are extremely relatable because they come from middle-class families with big dreams and aspirations. We have all been like that. Their dreams are really big. They have not got any patience...They want to do it right away," Anushka added.