Watch Trailer: Jennifer Aniston strips down in her next

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston sheds off her clothes and performs a sizzling lap dance in her next movie, ‘We’re The Millers’. The 44-year-old Jennifer plays a lap dancer Rose in the comedy ‘We’re The Millers’. She sheds her clothes and shows off her well toned body. The film revolves round a marijuana dealer, played by Jason Sudeikis. He hires Rose to help him smuggles drugs from Mexico.

Aniston is seen in a peroxide blonde wig in a bar flaunting her sexy hot body.

Jason Sudeikis puts together a family with two teenagers, played by Emma Roberts and Will Poulter.  The fake family’s search for drugs brings them in contact with spiders, Mexican drug dealers, and perky American tourists.

This is not the first time Jennifer has done something bold. In 2008, she posed nude for the cover of GQ  magazine.

‘We’re The Millers’ is slated to release on August 9.

Watch the trailer below:-