Watch Trailer: Anil Kapoor's desi version of '24'

Anil Kapoor in collaboration with entertainment channel ‘Colors’, will be shortly bringing the much applauded Indian version of Fox TV series ‘24’. The serial ‘24’ will be aired in October.

The first trailer of ‘24’ is launched. The casts are superb and much known faces. They include Anil Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Mandira Bedi, Anupam Kher and Tisca Chopra. Apart from them, there are others also in the surprise package.

The first trailer reveals that Anil Kapoor is all geared up to bring the excitement and thrill from the original show. Anil Kapoor will be called Jai Singh Rathode (Jack Bauer in the original series). He will be on a mission to destroy the operation of terrorists who plan to kill a promising  Prime Ministerial candidate of the country and for that he has only 24 hours in his hands. The serial is a 24 episode long with each episode depicting one hour from the crucial 24 hours that Anil Kapoor has got to save the Prime Ministerial candidate.

In the trailer, all the big names were shown. Mandira Bedi will be called Nikita Rai. She will be seen adorning the same hairstyle that Sarah Clarke wore while playing Nina Myers. Like the original series, the Golden time ticker clock is also shown in the Indian version.

Though, in the original series, Elisha Cuthbert played the role of daughter of Jack Bauer, in the Indian version, name of Jai Singh’s daughter is yet not revealed. The role of the daughter is quite significant as will be clear once the series is on air.

Earlier, Anil Kapoor played a role in the eighth season of the series ‘24’. After that only, he decided to produce the Indian version of the series. In the Indian version, Anil Kapoor has included his twists in the character. The original series ran on Fox TV from 2001-2010.

Sambit Sampathy, a blogger, has seen all the eight seasons of the series ‘24’ feels that despite being a remake, there would be a lot of welcome changes. He said, “I quite like it. Though it is a remake, it doesn’t feel like a blatant copy. Plus I’m also happy with the cast and Anil looks his part.”

People have  mixed opinion about the upcoming series. Those who have watched the original series feel that it would be difficult to psychologically make a quick transition from English episodes to a desi style.