Vivek Oberoi wants an imperfect woman

Vivek Oberoi seems to be back with a bang after receiving praise in his recently released film Shootout at Lokhandwala. The actor has played a negative character with finesse in this film and will soon be seen in Fool N Final, a comedy. After his professional life climbing up, everyone is curious to know if his personal life too is going to take off. But the actor confirms “I am single.” Recently there were several rumours linking Vivek with a number of women. However Vivek claims these are all rumours and he is not a lady-killer. Vivek in fact claims he is a complete romantic at heart.
Vivek says “I am a hopeless romantic at the end of the day. I am the kind of guy who believes in a glass of wine, poetry and some music…the perfect sense of romance.” Vivek was earlier on supposedly seeing a model and then later Aishwarya. However Vivek now claims that he wants an imperfect woman, he says “I am looking for an imperfect woman now. A perfect woman is too plastic; I want to fall in love with each and every flaw of hers.” Well Vivek, it seems is tired of the perfect politically correct women from his past, right Vivek.

Salman’s generosity with Govinda and Shahrukh Khan

Everybody knows that Salman Khan is extremely generous when it comes to family and friends. He has given several expensive gifts to many of his friends. Salman also does his bit for charity. Salman recently though was extremely generous to co-star Govinda in the film Partner. The film is being directed by David Dhawan, produced by Salman and stars Govinda, Salman, Lara and Katrina. Salman it seems though was generous enough to give Govinda a lot of meaty parts in the film despite being the producer. In fact sources claim that Salman has even let Govinda be the center of attention in the film. Well now in the film industry where the more famous actors tell producers and directors to chop off their co-stars role, this is definitely unique.

Govinda too gratefully accepted Sallu’s generosity saying “I have never come across a more generous co-star and producer.” Even director David Dhawan who has worked with both these stars in many films says “Salman has taken good care of Govinda; he never behaved like a star. On the sets if I asked Salman to let Govinda take over a scene, he gladly moved back.” Another instance of Salman’s generosity was seen when he recently purchased two expensive paintings for now good pal Shahrukh Khan for his new home. Well Salman surely seems to be one friend who believes in ‘giving generously’ in his friendships.

Aamir Khan starrer Lajjo may be shelved

Aamir Khan is extremely busy with a number of his films, after directing his first film 'Taarein Zameen Par’, he has now already moved on to doing Kajri, the Hindi version of the Tamil film Ghajini. However everyone’s curious to know whatever happened to Aamir’s much touted film with Mani Ratnam, Lajjo? The film was earlier scheduled to begin this year and actress Kareena Kapoor was to star opposite Aamir for the first time. However nobody seems to know what has happened to the fate of the film, is it postponed yet again or has it been shelved?

Aamir though claims that the film is still on though it has been postponed. But sources claim “The film is definitely not happening. Even the actors have got busy with other projects.” The sources claim that the real reason for the project not taking off was that Aamir was not too happy with the script and a few other nuances regarding the film. However producer Bobby Bedi maintains that the film will be shot at some point. Meanwhile it seems that Aamir is also facing difficulty in finding a second leading lady for Kajri, while the first leading lady will be Asin, the actress who starred in the Tamil version. Earlier Kangana Ranaut was being considered for the role but was dropped; now even Priyanka is being considered for the role.

Priyanka faces chappal riot from wild crowds in Latur

Recently Priyanka Chopra went to Latur in honour of the Chief Minister’s birthday. Priyanka was there to attend an event and give away the prizes for the event. However what was supposed to be a memorable occasion turned into a disaster when the mob out there got violent. Instead of bouquets of red roses, Priyanka received umpteen number of sandals from the furious crowds at Latur. Priyanka Chopra said “I’ve never been more frightened and it was a scary experience. It was terrible.”

Ironically though the chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh was holidaying in Goa with his family when the event took place. Priyanka arrived a couple of hours late for the event and this had made the crowds of thousands at Latur a bit restless. However when the diva arrived there was a mad rush amongst the crowd to get a look at the pretty actress. In the frenzy the crowd started pushing each other against the barricades. While all this was taking place, Priyanka was on the stage trying her best to calm the crowds. However nothing seemed to calm the Latur crowds and when they started pushing the barricades, the Latur police retaliated by lathi charging the crowd. To this the crowd got even more violent and began throwing stones and finally chappals. Priyanka was finally escorted off stage and hurried off into her vehicle. However the Chief minister stated “It was in incident out of love to see the actress and the throwing of chappals happened when she left, not when she was there.” Well some way to show one’s love, what say Priyanka!

Is Saif insecure about working with Abhi-Ash?

Saif Ali Khan’s career has been on a steady rise and he has worked with a number of other stars. Saif was recently supposed to do a Karan Johar film to be directed by Tarun Mansukhani; however it now seems that Saif has opted out of the film citing date issues. However some sources claim that the real reason for Saif opting out from the film could be that he does not want to work alongside Abhishek and Ash who will also star in the film, so is it insecurity Saif?

Sources claim “Saif was not too excited about his co-stars Abhishek and Aishwarya.” Saif had earlier agreed to work on the film but later opted out after reconsidering. Abhishek has made a cameo appearance in Salaam Namaste which starred Saif, but there has never been any problem between them. Saif has not worked with Ash, but there is also no obvious problem there too. Hence sources claim that maybe Saif finds the combination of Abhi-Ash too strong and feels that any other actor will definitely not get the same response from the audiences and maybe overshadowed by this star couple in the film. Hence the actor could be facing insecurity in working with this star couple.