Vivek Oberoi on Salman’s Dus Ka Dum

Vivek Oberoi said that he is keen to appear on Salman Khan’s ‘Dus Ka Dum’ to promote any of his new releases. If we recall back, Vivek and Salman had a severe tiff over Aishwarya Rai Bachchan years back and Salman even accused him of having an affair with Ash at the time when he was dating her. But Vivek does not want to scratch the past and spoil his future. Forgetting everything ill between him and Salman, he wants to appear on Salman’s chat show.

Vivek said: "That chapter is over. I am bored being asked the same question about Ash and Salman again and again."

He added: "I made lots of mistakes in personal and professional life. Instead of focusing on my work, I was into other things."

It would be a lovely sight to witness two guys who fell for the same woman at one time sharing the same platform.