Vivek Oberoi caught in confession corner!

<a href='//' title='Vivek Oberoi' class='article_display_tag' data-id='vivek-oberoi' id='article_tag_data_vivek-oberoi' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Vivek Oberoi</strong></a>'Subah ka bhoola agar sham ko laute toh use bhoola nahi kehte!'
This somewhat describes the star who has is prone to what is commonly known as the 'foot-in-the-mouth' disease. Vivek Oberoi has been media meat for some time now. He said more, did less and most of what he said or did was misconstrued. Flak, flops and media fingering did him in. We caught the 30 year old in a confession corner where the actor admits to his goofs and promises to mend his mistakes…
Lend an ear to his errings
On loosing out on HumTum

Yes, I agree that I was a complete fool on that one. And it hurt me both personally as well as professionally. Once I saw the film, I understood I had lost out on a good product. Kunal came to me with the film and I showed him the door.
But what hurt even worse was that I had upset a friend. Now when I look back I realize that Kunal was a dear friend and saying no to him wasn't the right thing to do. But the manner in which I turned him away is what pricks me even now. But he has been very generous with our friendship, not only did he let it go, we are still friends. I was wrong and I apologize for the same.

Flop Ho Gaya Nah?

Yes, have to admit to this one, I didn't have a clue of what was going on. Kyun! Ho Gaya Na was more of a reunion of friends rather than coming together of two creative minds. There was no script, no idea in place; I just did it for a friend. It was an irresponsible move on my part and I regret it.

On Salman Khan and press conferences

Here I would like to make it clear that I still very much stand by what I did. If it were to happen again, I would do the exact same thing. The person was bothering the girl I loved and I am not spineless to let her go through the mess. So I did what a well-meaning boyfriend would do, I took a stand and spoke out. But yes, the thing did get a bit out of hand and my life became bit of a circus with all the mud slinging and name calling.
Not that I fear or regret at what happened but it hurt a lot of my people. My intention hasn't changed one bit but my approach has. I have realized that it's best to let bygones be bygones. If and when I meet Salman, I'll be cordial to him.

False Alarm: Rai-Oberoi wedding

I never said that we'll be marrying the next year. The interview was simply blown out of proportion. The person asked me about our wedding plans and all I said was that yes marriage would be a wonderful eventuality to our courtship. There was nothing more to it. More so since I am aware of how private a person Ash is, I wouldn't drag our personal life under the arclights. So, all that you heard or read was totally untrue and completely fabricated by the media person. Nothing from my end; let me assure you that.

…Of bad people and bad influences!

Now that you have got me to own up to my faults, you must also know that you do certain things not because you are entirely convinced about it, but others are. Similar was the case with me where a lot of people told me ways of doing things. They decided what was good and bad for me. And that kind of messed up things for me. I was all of 27; young and inexperienced, people took good advantage of that. But while I say all of this, it is not out of regret, it is to start with a fresh slate. I have learnt and grown stronger!

Courtesy: India FM