Vishal Karwal evicted from Bigg Boss 6

"Bigg Boss 6” has been one of the most successful reality shows of all time. The show houses as many as 13 celebrities mostly from the world of television and every other person related to arts. Sometimes sportspersons have also been invited to the show. Since the last three seasons Salman Khan has been hosting the show.

This year the show has been given the tagline “Alag che’ which in English means ‘different’. The show has been famous for inviting celebrities who are diverse in mind-set. It thus tests one’s patients mostly concluding in ugly fights.

This time around, the contestants have been a little mellow except for Imam Siddique. There have been fights but then none have turned to hauling abuses. Imam Sddique has been the only person in the house who has been of the category of contestants who could spice up the show in a negative way.

Every year there is some romance that blooms between two participants. This year it was almost a love triangle between Roadies and Splitsvilla fame Vishal Karwal, Sana Khan and Rajeev Paul.

Vishal Karwal in the beginning seemed too lazy to do any work or task in the house. For this he even got punished by Bigg Boss inside the house. He was placed on a stretcher for a week.

While inside the house he became friends with Santosh Shukla and Nirahua. Both these participants got evicted in the previous week in which there were two eliminations.

Later Vishal spiced up the show by being open about his affections for Sana. The two claimed to have known each other even while they were outside the house. The two shared a love-hate relationship until they sorted out their issues. He even won a task in the house in which he and Rajiv both had to woo Sana. He was able to take Sana out on a date (inside the Bigg Boss house).

This week Vishal along with Sana, Rajeev and Imam had got nominated for eviction. The eviction special episode ended with Vishal’s exit. His elimination from the show came as a surprise to many in the house and to many viewers. Just when everybody thought that the love quotient will save him from eviction the unexpected happened.

Rajeev Paul had had some altercations with Sana regarding Vishal and he shared cold vibes with him. This eviction has surely left Rajeev happy if nobody else.