Vidya is no longer single, dating Mr S

Vidya Balan in Lage Raho MunnabhaiShe is simple, elegant and vivacious. Her name is entangled with stars like Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. But gossips of her association with her co-stars only makes her laugh. Repeatedly, she stresses at the point that she is single and dating no one. But for the first time, Vidya has disclosed the very fact that she is no longer single and dating a person whose name begins with S.

Vidya is content about her new love life and declares that she is enjoying it to the fullest. Though did not open up everything, she just gave a hint that the name of her man begins with letter S. She even accompanied with Mr S to the Prithvi theatre to watch Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak’s play Dear Liar. Vidya barred revealing the full name of her man except that their thinking matches very well.

Speaking about one prominent name of letter S with whom she is often spotted with, Vidya said that Shahid is only a good friend of her and she adores him a lot and they have develop a strong bond while shooting for Aziz Mirza’s Kismet Konnection in Toronto. Their mental match up is great since they are of the same age, have same experience and same temperament.