Vidya Balan refuses to use f-word in public

In reel, Vidya Balan might be sexy Silk who easily flaunt and use abusive word but in the real life she is Vidya who is shy to mouth the F-word in public. During the book launch, Vidya mouthed few lines of the book and she used 'beep' instead of saying the F-word.

When she was questioned, she answered very clearly that she might be silk in the reel life but she is Vidya in the real life. She launched the book written by author Munmun Ghosh.

"At an event to launch a new book by author Munmun Ghosh, Vidya read a few passages from the text aloud for the audience. The audience was left a bit puzzled when the actress said ‘beep’ in between the reading," said a source.

The actress told the author: “There was no way I was going to say those words!”

The author remarked about Vidya.

Ghosh told, “Each individual has his set of rules for himself. Vidya stood by her rules.”

Speaking about the book, Vidya said, "In a certain sense, I identified with the book. Not just through my personal experiences, but with what I have watched of people around me, especially girls in the media and the metros, whom I interact with all the time".

"There is so much pressure today on girls to have boyfriends. People look at you as if you are diseased if you don't have one. And you are made to feel depressed on special days. I have gone through it too," Balan added.

"I think the pressure to be a couple pushes so many people into wrong relationships. And that is the reason so many relationships are breaking today," Vidya says.

"I was single for a long time and was asked about it. I would say I enjoy being single. Also maybe because I led a full professional life, I didn't feel the pressure much. One must be free to choose," she said.