Vidya Balan refuses to smooch Arshad

Vidya Balan, the actress who shared an intimate scene with her co-stars Saif Ali Khan in ‘Parineeta’ and even lip-locked Madhavan in ‘Guru’ refused to kiss Arshad Warsi in ‘Ishqiya’ 

A source from the unit reveals, "Ishqiya was being shot on Wednesday at the Borivili National Park. Several scenes were to be canned, including one smooch scene between Vidya and Arshad. The actress threw a spanner in the works and completely refused to a liplock with Arshad. Director Abhishek Chaubey was taken aback as he had informed Vidya about the kissing scene beforehand."

The source continues, "Balan has intimate scenes with Arshad in the film but her refusal to smooch shocked everyone. Producer Vishal Bhardwaj was called to the sets. He couldn't make it as he was busy editing his other project, Kaminey. She was persistent. The director was forced to drop it altogether."

As Vidya was co-operative throughout the shoot, Vishal is sure that sooner or later, Vidya will agree to do the lip-locking.