Veena Malik quits showbiz post marriage

Pakistani actress cum seductress has made an announcement that she is quitting commercial films. She aims to take part in projects which have a religious message or social messages. She has made this choice as per the guidance of an Islamic cleric and she said he had changed her life completely.

The 29 year old actress said, ‘I have quit the show biz industry. From now onwards, I will not perform in Pakistani and Indian movies and plays.’ She had created a storm by posing topless for an Indian magazine which had drawn flak from her community.

She went on to say in an interview to a Pakistani journalist in Saudi Arabia, ‘I am also going to refuse Indian film producers with whom i had agreed to work in their movies.’ She had gone there to perform ‘Umrah’ with her Dubai based husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak and his family.

So what led to such a sudden decision? Malik says she owes it all to the religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel who guided her to change her life completely. She said, ‘Maulana sahib made me promise not to take off my dupatta (head scarf). And i will fulfil this promise for the rest of my life.’

She says she feels good about her decision and has been congratulated by close ones and well wishers all over the world, including India and Pakistan for her decision. She acknowledges that she has made mistakes in her life. She wishes to reform herself and has asked people to pray that she shall be able to adhere to this new change in her life. She said, ‘Like other humans, I have also committed mistakes. I have sought forgiveness of my mistakes from God. Now I want to work for the welfare of the people of Pakistan... I have quit showbiz and I want people to pray for me so that I can stick to this change.’

As for her life ahead, a source in the media industry has divulged to the PTI that Malik intends to host a morning show with her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak on a Pakistani news channel. According to the source, ‘Veena is in talks with the management of two news channels for the morning talk show.’

Malik had a brief stint in Bollywood. She took everyone by surprise when she suddenly married Pakistani businessman cum singer Khattak in Dubai last year.