Varun Dhawan makes fun of Katrina Kaif

Celebrated filmmaker David Dhawan has gifted a number of entertainers to his audience over the years. His pairing with Govinda produced several films with their trademark dialogues which left the audience hungry for more. However, this time, the Director seems to have run into a spot of trouble with one of his dialogues. In his upcoming film, Main Tera Hero, Raju Kher takes a dig at the accented Hindi of the celebrated actress and darling of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif. Though meant jokingly, a number of protests have already been made against the line.

Main Tera Hero is going to be a significant film for David Dhawan as he is launchjing his son Varun Dhawan in this type of role for the first time. The trailer of the film released in January of this year got a record number of hits on YouTube, far exceeding that of many blockbusters. If the film proves to be as good a success, the David Varun Jodi can be expected to roll out a number of other Bollywood entertainers in the same line. The film has all the David Dhawan landmarks including pleny of Bollywood masala, stunning sets and witty dialogues. Hence, the controversy stirred up by one of the said dialogues cannot be doing any good to the film.

However, David is sure that the matter is merely a storm in the teacup and Katrina will take the quip as the joke that it is meant to be. "It is just an off-the-cuff remark, a bantering quip in the film, and Katrina is a girl I've known for many years. In fact, she did her first big film 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?' with Salman Khan and me. She can never be offended with what I do. She knows it's all in fun," said the filmmaker. In fact, a number of beauties of Bollywood including Ileana D’Cruz and Evelyn Sharma speak in accented Hindi and that has not decreased their appeal at all. Language is no longer a barrier to success in Bollywood.

Dhawan was recently quoted as saying that his son Varun would get married when Salman does. "I was just doing some 'masti' with my son. I don't see any likelihood of Salman getting married. So I was kidding about Varun staying a bachelor," clarified the filmmaker.

Main Tera Hero stars Nargis Fukrey and Ileana D’Cruz along with Varun Dhawan.