Varsha committed suicide with Asha Bhosle’s lost pistol

Singer Asha Bhosle tells police that her daughter Varsha Bhosle commited suicide with the pistol that she lost 30 years ago. She informed that she has also filed complaint about her lost pistol long back.

Vasha 56 shot herself to death with the pistol of her mother Asha at at Prabhu Kunj building in south Mumbai's Peddar Road. Police recovered her body from her apartment. She was lying on sofa with blood all around. Initially, police recovered a Belgian-made pistol from the spot which was registered in the name of Anand, Asha Bhosle's youngest son.

"We spoke to Asha briefly Tuesday night, when she claimed that her daughter committed suicide with the pistol she had lost. Asha had informed police about the lost pistol and her licence had been revoked," Inspector Pradip Lonandkar told.

Lonandkar informed that police also have another pistol in their possession registered in the name of Anand. "Anand is not in town and might return soon. We are likely to question him Thursday," he said.

Police are now investing how Varsha got the pistol that Ashaji has lost 30 years ago. They doubt whether Vasha has kept it hidden for 30 years.

Varsha, a freelance journalist suffered with depressed after failed marriage with a freelance sports writer. She tried to commit suicide twice in 2008 and 2011. She was highly depressed when photographer Gautam left the world as she wished to start an orphanage with him.

Her last rites were performed yesterday.