Vanya Mishra losses Miss World 2012 crown

India was pinning high hopes for Miss India Vanya Mishra but water spilled on their hopes when Vanya lost the Miss World title to Miss People's Republic of China. Among the 116 participants, Vanya was on among the 7 finalists. Her chances of winning the title was very bright as she won the two titles ‘Miss Social Media’ and ‘Beauty with a Purpose’.

Miss Social Media judges the popularity of a person these days and and it is in high demand to climb the ladder of success. Vanya association with a charity named ‘Muktangan’ won her fifty points extra which makes an easy entry amongst the top 7 finalists.

During the final round, the contestants were asked, ‘Why they deserved to be the next Miss World?’ Vanya answered: “I believe that the next Miss World should be a woman with a kind heart and humility, who wherever she goes, makes people feel that she is their own. Somebody who carries simple values in this complex world, somebody who believes in herself. And this is what I believe I am.”

Vanya is pursuing an undergraduate programme in Electrical Engineering and hails from Jalandhar.