Uday welcomes Rani, calls her ‘bhabhi voldemort’

Uday Chopra is newly married Rani Mukherjee’s brother-in-law and in this way a relationship of Bhabhi and Devar has been established which is also a relationship of fun and jokes. Aditya Chopra married to Rani Mukherjee in a private ceremony in Italy on April 21st and Uday welcomed Bhabhi Rani to the Chopra family and at the same time poked fun at the actress by calling her ‘bhabhi voldemort’.

The actor tweeted, "We welcome Rani Chopra to the family...lots of love to the newly weds...Wishing voldemort and bhabhi voldemort all the love and happiness."

Uday Chopra who fears his elder brother Aditya a lot refers his brother Aditya as ‘Voldemort’ – the villain from JK Rowling’s bestseller Harry Potter series.

Rani and Uday share a great relationship and now it seems the relationship of Bhabhi and Devar will create a new dhoom.