Two months passed, 'Beti B' still unnamed

Born with the proverbial silver spoon, she may not be new to the fame, glories and headlines of stardom. Even before she could see the light of this big, bad and varied world; the little one was an issue enough to give rise to sensational headlines, conjectures as to its gender identity and other pointless prattles. Claiming to be one of B Town’s most wanted wonders; the little one has news and headlines accompanying her all the way.

Born on the 16thof November, 2011; the pinky wonder presently has the world speculating about its name. As a stream of glitzy heartthrobs including SRK and Oprah, distinguished relatives   and friends are found making their steady way to catch a glimpse of the exciting little one; the lesser known mortals and media are found playing a guessing game as to her name and the first looks. Super protective grandpa and superstar Big B has had major deals to offer in this guessing game too. While, world awaits the naming ceremony of the Beti B, the shielding grandpa chooses playing cats and mouse with you, me and the media

Chipping in with his interesting tweets, Big B confirms Beti B’s namelessness. Choosing to thank the suggestion givers, Big B denies having to offer singular indomitability as to the process of christening. Incidentally, the doting father and junior Bacchchan had earlier requested fans to come up with similar suggestions, beginning with ‘A’. But, as Senior Bachchan vouches for the process of consideration in order to arrive at a “unanimous consent”; there goes speculations as to the possible delays in the christening ceremony.

As the mystery regarding her official christening keeps dogging the perked up fans; the trusted sources of the Bachchan household attribute the delay to the so called inauspiciousness of the Hindu calendar. The superstitious and religiously inclined Bachchan family was keen to avoid the inauspicious phase to have completed by the 14thof January. To go by such sources, the much awaited christening ceremony was to have taken place on the 15thof January. Incidentally, 15thof January ushers in an auspicious phase with the celebration of ‘Lohri’ & ‘Makar Sankranti’

While a fragment close to the celebrated family hints at a possible combination of ‘AA’, there are others to vouch for its sweet brevity. As the little one has the world guessing and family members cherry picking the best possible nomenclature, odd reports are there to announce the arrival of Sweta Nanda with that of her family to participate in the christening process.