Tusshar takes yoga class from Kareena

The secret behind Kareena Kapoor’s hit and fine health is yoga and her yoga power has influenced actor Tusshar Kapoor also. He now performs power yoga regularly under Kareena’s guidance.

Says a source, "It was during their Hyderabad schedule for Golmaal 3 that Kareena persuaded Tusshar to start doing power yoga. It all started when the Kapoor boy's trainer Pramod didn't come for a few days and Tusshki was left with nothing to do. Bebo asked Ekta's bro to join her during her power yoga sessions."

The actress who is performing power yoga for five years says, "Yes, I have been teaching Tusshar, who is a close friend. And now, I have put him onto my trainer. I think yoga is the most natural way to stay fit for life and I recommended it to him. My trainer accompanies me everywhere -- even to Morocco, where I am now."

Adds Tusshar, "Pramod asked me to do either cardio or power yoga in his absence. Bebo asked her yoga trainer Payal to help me out. When I did it for 45 min I realized my gym workouts, cardio and weights were nothing compared to power yoga. Each and every part of my body was contorted, twisted and pushed through unimaginable stress. I almost died! By the end of it all, I was sweating so much it was fabulous. I felt completely relaxed. After that, for the next few days, Bebo insisted that I do power yoga with her regularly."

Now in Mumbai, Tusshar plans to take up power yoga and do it twice a week. "I can't stop doing weights so Pramod will help me work out five days in a week except Thursdays and Sundays and that's when I will do power yoga. I will probably be the first hero to do power yoga. My dad (Jeetendra) used to do yoga too but I never thought much about it till now. It's all thanks to Kareena."

Let’s see next who joins Kareena’s yoga class.