Tune in to watch 'Khoobsurat' on Sony tonight

After the success of "Diya aur Baati Hum" and "Punar Vivah", Shashi- Sumeet Mittal Productions has come up with "Dil ki Nazar Se...Khoobsurat". The serial will be shown on Sony TV, from this Monday."Dil Ki Nazar Se... Khoobsurat" or "Khoobsurat" as it is known as, is based on the tale of "The Beauty and the Beast". It stars Abhishek Malik, Rohit Khurana, Saumya Seth and Urvashi Upadhya.

The show is based on the love story between Aaradhya and Ehsas. It is believed that the story is going to start off with some childhood memories of one of the leading actors. Some child actors will certainly be seen in the beginning of the serial. Aaradhya is a woman who believes that there is a Prince Charming who is waiting for her. She believes that he would be a really good looking man. Aaradhya is beautiful, so she thinks that only a gorgeous looking man would make a good husband for her.  Aaradhya listens to Ehsas's voice on the radio and falls in love with him and decides that she wants to marry him.

But there is a twist in the story. Ehsas is just a pseudonym- the radio jockey's real name is Madhav. Madhav, unlike what Aaradhya thinks of him, is not good looking. He is quite average looking and is really introverted as well. He is actually so introverted that he can't even talk to women face to face. The only thing that works for Madhav is his voice. He becomes an overnight hit on the radio, thanks to his charming voice and magnetic words.

The plot thickens with the coming of Rahul, the story's other protagonist. Rahul is the perfect guy next door- he is simple, funny, confident and quite good looking as well. He was orphaned at a young age, after which he was adopted by Madhav's family. But life did not take a good turn for Rahul, even after that. Madhav's mother, his step-mother, hates him because she thinks that Rahul is taking what belongs to her son, and being better than Madhav. The next twist comes when Aaradhya, smitten with Ehsas's voice, ends up thinking that Rahul is Ehsas and decides that she wants to marry him. But circumstances change and she is forced to marry Madhav instead. She is heartbroken because Madhav is not good looking, and very introverted as well. This shatters Aaradhya's dream.

How does Aaradhya deal with this? Does Madhav love her? What happens to Rahul? These are the questions that will be answered in "Dil Ki Nazar Se... Khoobsurat". Tune in to Sony TV this Monday, to find out what happens in the show.