Top celebrities leave Bollywood behind and provide aid for Japan

The earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan affected hundreds of lives in the city. People including famous celebrities from the Hollywood industry went ahead and provided financial aid to the affected people and their families. Locals and the Indian government also provided them aid but no Bollywood star was seen in the list. Here are a few who provided aid for Japan.

1) Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga





















The famous singer was one of the first international celebrities to decide and provide aid. She had self designed few bracelets which she sold at $5 each piece. She posted in the micro blogging site that she had put up her bracelets names ‘We Pray For Japan’ on sale and who so ever buys that bracelet the money would go to the Japan Relief Fund.

2) Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen














This celebrity is always known and in the limelight for not so good reasons. However he wanted to help the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami. From the money which comes from each ticket of his live show, one dollar would be going to the Red Cross Society which would in turn go to Japan Relief Fund.

3) Black Eyed Peas
Black eyed Peas

















This famous hip-hop group has made a new musical video which has been dedicated to Japan Relief Fund. The filming of this video has been done a week before the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. There is a message when the video starts off. At the end there is a link which asks, in fact requests the viewers to click on it and donate some money to the Red Cross Society.

4)  Linkin Park
Linkin Park








One of the band members of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda self designed two t-shirts for ‘Music For Relief’ which is the band’s charity. The money which comes from the sale of those t-shirts would go to the Japanese Relief Fund.

5) Blink-182


















This rock band has decided to put their stuffs for auction online. Their stuffs like lyric sheets originally written by them have been put up for auctioning online. Whatever money comes from the auction of those stuffs would directly go to the Red Cross Society for helping Japan.

6) Rajnikant















South star Rajnikant did not lag behind in providing aid. Even though not many Indian especially Bollywood stars were seen doing the same.

In this deep crisis which Japan was going through, none of the Bollywood stars actually came forward and initiated to help the people out there.