Top 5 Bollywood Cop Movies

Police stories have been part of Bollywood for several decades now and as each day passes by more researched and good real life based cop movies are released. Many cop based stories have been a major hit while few of them established a cult following. So let’s have a look at the top 5 best cop movies of Bollywood.

1. Dabangg:





Salman Khan silenced all his critics by coming back with a bang with action movies like Dabangg and Wanted. Salman played the role of an inspector called Chulbul Pandey who fights his way to finish crime in his area and even takes revenge from the people who were involved in the killing of his mother. This movie not only became a hit all over India but even got Salman a lot of appreciation from the film fraternity for his acting in the movie. Dabangg was not only about action but even had a lot of comedy and romance in it. 

2. Sarfarosh:







One of the greatest movies ever made in Indian Cinema, Sarfarosh dealt with terrorism across the border. The film had Naseeruddin Shah playing a terrorist also starring Amir Khan who played a cop as the lead. The movie won a lot of awards and John Mathew was critically acclaimed for his direction in the movie. Amir Khan was even appreciated for his work in the film.

3. Gangajal:










National award winning movie was directed by none other than the legendary director Prakash Jha and SP Amit played by Ajay Devgan as a lead. The film dealt with the power, politicians, crimes and not to be left behind the police in UP. Ajay Devgan who is known to be very versatile in his acting gave a flawless performance in the movie. This movie won the National Award for the Best Film.

4. Shool:










The National Award winning movie directed by E. Nivas had Manoj Bajpai playing the lead in this movie as an honest cop who loses everything in the course of fighting corruption in politics but even in his legal system. The movie became a hugehit as it somewhere exposed the dirty games played in the world of politics to get into power. 

5.      Deewar:

















Deewar played a turn -around for Amitabh Bachchanas he was known as the ‘Angry Young Man’ of Bollywood. Yash Chopra who had directed the movie had got Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor playing the leads. The film depicted the lives of two brothers who take up different paths in life. While one chooses to become an honest cop and fights against crime, the other chooses to take the other side of life as a criminal.

We sure wish that many such movies get made based on real incidents. This will not only entertain the audience but inform the mass about the role that the police department plays in the society.