Time management lessons for Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood stars are always renowned for their late coming attitude. However Sonam Kapoor must thank Pankaj Kapur as she is not only learning the skills of acting but also time management. Sonam has been signed on to star opposite Shahid Kapoor in his father's directorial debut Mausam and being such a talented actor, Pankaj Kapur expects nothing less perfect from his actors.  
To ensure Both Shahid and Sonam get their acting just perfect in the love story, some acting workshops were arranged by Pankaj Kapur, which started last week at his Andheri office. First day, Sonam was 40 minutes late for the scheduled time and she was troubled when she came to know that the workshop was cancelled.  
Sonam reached on time next day. However, the third day she was again running late by almost 20 minutes and was just about to reach Pankaj Kapur's office when she got an SMS informing her that the workshop had been cancelled. It was cancelled as she was late again.  
“We are just at the script reading stage. We do this in my office. The two kids (Shahid and Sonam) sit in front of me and read out their respective parts. You are right that I have been holding workshops for Mausam, but baki ki khabar sahi nahin hai. I am sorry.” said Pankaj Kapur.  
Sonam was unavailable for comment but we assume that she has learnt her lesson for time management.